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Building economic power:?Analysis, policy, and collaboration for working families and communities


Power means influencing how resources are allocated, possessing the ability to create change, and having a seat at the table. The allocation of power within our workplaces, our schools, our communities, and our political systems has been at the core of major events that have dominated headlines over the past several years: from the Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, and “March for Our Lives” movements to the teachers strikes, the Fight for $15, and advocacy to stop repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Each of these movements acknowledges the inextricable link between economic and political power. We are seeing smart, determined, and organized individuals demanding policy changes that strengthen communities, improve equity, and empower workers and families.

The 2018 EARN Conference will celebrate this nationwide momentum, evaluate EARN’s contributions to these movements, and discuss how we can challenge structural and historical disparities of political and economic power. This 3-day gathering will bring together EARN’s nearly 60 groups from 44 states to share stories, discuss strategies, sharpen skills, and plan for the year ahead.

The conference will continue EARN’s tradition of bringing together leading economic thinkers, policy experts, members of the labor movement, social services providers, community organizers, faith leaders, and academic researchers to learn from each other and develop strategies and policies that will improve job quality and economic security, while also considering ways to improve our democracy and make political representation more equitable.